Your Reputation, Our Strategy - Your Story, Delivered.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to online reputation, we have seen it all. Whatever challenges you may have encountered, we can help.


Your Reputation, Our Strategy - Your Story, Delivered.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to online reputation, we have seen it all. Whatever challenges you may have encountered, we can help.

Online Reputation Management

Strategic digital solutions for companies, organizations and high-profile individuals facing sensitive and complex online challenges.

We help clients from all over the world regain control over their online reputation and enhance their positive web presence. We strengthen existing constructive content, harness marketing and communications efforts and create brand new, high-ranking web assets. In doing so, we boost our clients’ online image and minimize unwanted search results for their name or brand.

The strategies we employ take all aspects of our clients’ needs into account, and enable us to offer durable, effective and natural looking solutions. Aside from clearing their name, our work promotes our clients’ agendas and communicates the best brand narrative for their cause – by emphasizing their true value and achievements.

Online Crisis Management

Tackling the present while building for the future.

Percepto helps clients who are in the midst of multi-faceted media crises deal with immediate online repercussions. At the same time, we create a strong digital infrastructure for long term online reputation management, ready to kick in once the storm dies down.

When a client approaches us during a crisis, our first goal is containment. We help limit the reputational damage caused by the controversy, and communicate their side of the story with as much online exposure as possible. Essentially, we shift the public discussion surrounding their name\brand from negative to positive.

During this “damage control” phase, we also lay the foundations for reputation recovery, by creating the digital infrastructure required to increase the client’s positive online presence. Once the storm subsides, we use this infrastructure to steer the public eye towards the positive aspects of a client’s public life, contribution and achievements. In addition to fortifying our client’s online presence, this long-term approach also leaves them significantly better prepared should another crisis arise.


Online Executive Branding

Building and curating your professional online persona.

Establishing an online brand raises many challenging questions about what to portray and in what manner. We guide our clients through this delicate process, and make sure their online presence reflects their unique qualities and accomplishments accurately, naturally and effectively.

While most executives have some sort of digital footprint, it doesn’t always represent the identity they wish to put forward. We help business leaders, public figures and senior executives build and promote their professional digital brand. The process begins with developing the client’s online persona based on their core values and goals. This identity then serves as a guideline for our web strategy – which we implement with great care – making sure to maximize our client’s online visibility without drawing attention to our work.

By the process’ end, our clients have much more than a powerful online brand. They have a strong Google presence, over which they have significant control, as well as numerous new digital platforms through which to distribute their message in the future.

Digital Investor Relations

Engaging and retaining shareholders by taking your financial communications to the next level.

A company’s financial data can become a lucrative online asset that can strengthen relationships with existing stakeholders, engage relevant analysts and catch the attention of new investors.

To get the most out of your financial data, you need sharp and creative digital financial storytelling. We take our client’s facts and figures, turn them into captivating digital assets that reflect their company’s success, and promote them effectively online. The process of optimizing a company’s investor relations for the digital arena involves creating new, attractive and informative financial web content, and using it to deliver the client’s message to the right target audiences.

To ensure our client’s message has the strongest possible impact, we also boost their general online reputation so that it fully reflects the company’s unique advantages, value, and business potential.

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