Why is it Important to do Reputation Management for High Net-Worth Individuals?

11 steps for creating a reputation management plan

Perception is a sink or swim factor for many brands and individuals. Personal reputation management at its core is the business and science of maintaining an active and positive online image while minimizing unwanted or negative conversations. Given that everyone has a digital footprint, it’s essential to ensure appropriate representation. 

Breaking news, crises and important information appears rapidly and sometimes out of the blue, so it has never been a more important time to invest in reputation management

Why Personal Reputation Management is Vital

People often ask, “Why is it important to do reputation management for high net-worth individuals?” Even with the protections someone can afford offline, who is helping protect their online image and well-being? 

As a larger spotlight appears on an important figure or person with a public and high net worth, having a solid and positive online foundation will help minimize and fortify against negative press and unwanted links. Controversial issues are prevented from ranking high in search engines due to the services provided by personal reputation management.

There are a number of reasons why reputation is needed. Due diligence performed by potential investors or banks can unearth unwanted results from long ago. Perhaps a portfolio company is being launched and an extra marketing boost is needed – reputation management can help achieve these goals.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a negative story or upcoming crisis is headed toward someone, personal reputation management can prepare individuals to weather the storm by promoting and highlighting positive articles and accomplishments.

A Step-by-Step Guide

A deep understanding of reputation management is important and knowing where to begin is crucial. It starts with comprehensive analysis before implementing strategy activities and collaborations to effectively create the perfect online presence. Working with an agency, such as Percepto, can help you begin your ORM journey. Here’s a simple outline of how we build strategies for our clients. 

Step 01

Understanding Your World

 Begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis to understand your identity, values, and goals. Engage in strategy sessions to grasp your essence and the messages you aim to convey.

Step 02

Getting to Know You and Your Business

Collaboration is pivotal. Dive deep into your background, the value you offer, and your expertise. Understand your goals, target audiences, and stakeholders. Together, devise key messaging that resonates.

Step 03

Establishing a Personal Website

 Create a personalized website housing both professional and personal information. Design, develop, and continually optimize and promote the site.

GARY VAYNERCHUK personal website example

Step 04

Optimizing Company Website

Enhance the company’s website to boost its search engine ranking for relevant terms.

Step 05

Creating Professional Web Profiles

Open and promote profiles on platforms like Crunchbase.com, ensuring a controlled biography is uploaded and highlighted.

Step 06

Launching a Professional Blog

Establish a blog on platforms like Medium.com or WordPress. Publish regular content aligned with the updated strategy, positioning the client as a thought leader in their industry.

Step 07

Promoting Existing Positive/Neutral Articles

Maximize the visibility of positive articles and links by leveraging owned web assets and digital platforms. Increase engagement to enhance their ranking potential.

Step 08

Press Release Distribution

Write and distribute press releases concerning business news and announcements to garner attention and visibility.

Gotham Gal personal blog

Step 09

Article Placement Campaign

Consider launching a targeted campaign to generate articles promoting key messages, aiming for high rankings on Google.

Step 10

Social Media Optimization

Optimize existing LinkedIn accounts for higher Google ranking. Establish an official YouTube channel, optimizing content and actively promoting videos with paid campaigns.

Step 11

Utilizing 3rd Party Web Assets

Leverage the web assets of affiliated organizations and institutes to further enhance visibility.

Personal Reputation Management in Action

To truly appreciate the effect of a positive, comprehensive reputation management strategy, the best thing to do is see the results. Two people who have successfully created an impressive reputation plan are global venture capitalist, Ullas Naik, and comms mogul, Kim Perell.

Ullas Naik – Investor

Venture capitalist and early-stage investor Ulla Naik knows all about committing to a plan. Whether he’s in the boardroom or looking for his next venture, Naik has created a name for himself and cultivated a significant media portfolio. Entering his name into a search engine produces significant controlled assets, including professional profiles, a personal website, social media and a blog written by him.

He has spent time using media relations to garner positive coverage across numerous digital publications as well as having a profile in high ranking platforms such as Forbes .

Kim Perell – CEO, Entrepreneur, Author

Best-selling author and CEO of advertising giant Amobee, Kim Perell, is a recognizable face across multiple industries. Effective reputation management strategy has produced a well structured narrative with an accomplished list of results, indicative of all her career highlights.

Perell’s social media and SEO savvy have helped to build and maintain this incredible narrative when searching for her name. Her name appears across all social media platforms, her accounts all feature authentic and engaging content, and in her digital presence spans her own name search and searches for all of her brands – including the multiple books which she has written that further boosts her ability to be found and searched for online.

Alongside all of the press, her blogs and personal website are ranked highly on the first page of major search engine results for her name. To help lend more credibility,  articles written by her and published on top tier publications such as Entrepreneur are also displayed.

In both cases, each individual has their content organized and displayed in an easily searched and maintained format. Everything shown on the first pages of their search results, thanks to online reputation management, paints the best light for both..

Being Proactive

While extremely helpful in responding to crises, reputation management for high net-worth individuals is not an emergency solution. It’s a constant necessity that every high-net-worth individual, company, and brand needs to be mindful of. The speed and continuous flow of information and content online is never-ending. That means an effective reputation management plan needs to be enabled and maintained constantly.

Why wait for the worst to happen when you can already be ready for any obstacle that may appear later? Not only that, but the same reputation management system that helps protect someone’s image is also beneficial in promoting it as well.

To find out more about how we help high net-worth individuals with their reputation management, get in contact with us.

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