Thought Leadership for Online PR in Digital Marketing Strategies

How to Create and Pitch Thought Leadership Pieces That Increase Your Visibility

Having your work featured in the media is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, as part of your online PR in digital marketing. If you combine the thousands of pieces of content pushed out every single day on social media with the ever-changing algorithm, it’s becoming more difficult to ensure your business is seen by your target audience online.

Being featured in well-known publications is greatly advised as part of your strategy to include online PR  in digital marketing plans, and is one key way to stand out more easily to prospective clients.

Having your work published in media outlets not only builds your authority within your niche, it also:

  • increases traffic to your website and social media pages
  • attracts attention from potential investors
  • reinforces your brand identity to a wide audience
  • puts a face to your brand to build trust and connection

Creating and pitching thought leadership pieces is just one of many online PR in digital marketing strategies you can use to increase your visibility.

Step 1: Build a list of potential media publications for your story

This step involves significant research. Get clear on which publications you want to share your story with and why. This part needs to be strategic. Think about which publications will get you in front of your target audience. Make sure they’re relevant to your services, your region, and your story.

Action point: make a list of eight to 10 targeted publications that you would love to feature your story.

Step 2: Find the right people to pitch your story to

If you send your pitch to the wrong person, it will be ignored or fall on deaf ears. You want to get your idea in front of the decision maker; the person who decides whether to feature your story or not. This cuts out any middle men and saves you time by targeting the right person from the offset.

Action point: from your list of publications, use sites like Google, LinkedIn and Twitter to find the decision makers so you can send your pitch straight to them.

Step 3: Create a catchy headline for your story (and also make it the subject line of your email)

This must stand out and have a unique edge. Media publications have hundreds of pitches landing in their inbox everyday. You want them to see your subject line and feel compelled to open it. Think about a different angle or approach you could take to get your story across in the right way.

Action point: research some of your favorite online articles and assess what makes their title stand out to you. Take a similar approach to create your own.

Step 4: Craft your pitch

So they’ve opened your email because your headline grabbed them. Now you need to create an equally compelling pitch that will make them want to feature your piece specifically. Editors want to see that your piece will add value to their reader base. Don’t make it about yourself; make it about them and their audience.

Action point: detail some bullet points, including what the story would entail and how it will be beneficial to their audience. 

Step 5: Follow up

People are busy and they may not get back to you straight away. This doesn’t mean a rejection. In fact, no news can be good news. Be persistent with following up to ensure you stay at the top of their inbox.

Action point: follow up on your emails typically once a week to maximize the chance of your story being seen and chosen.

Step 6: Write your story

While it’s true that publications may want to shape your story so it works for their audience, it’s advisable to write out your story and send it to them in your email as an attachment. It removes a potential barrier for them and makes it as easy as possible to say yes to your story.

Action point: Deliver value, show off your expertise and convey your points as succinctly as possible.

Thought leadership pieces are a great addition to include as part of your online PR in digital marketing. Working with an online reputation agency like Percepto, gives you the online reputation management tools and reputation solutions to craft your unique message, have it featured in target publications and help you position yourself as a true thought leader in your area of expertise.

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