The Ups and Downs of 23/24

I’ve always been a fan of single drop roller coasters. The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the northwest of England was my favourite as a kid. 


The slow and exciting creep of anticipation, the stunning view revealing itself, teetering to the tippy top, reaching the ultimate crest before…Whoosh! Falling 235 feet with infectious force and plummeting to the bottom.


If 2023 were a rollercoaster, I think it would definitely be this. 


Spanning Across Regions and Industries


Last year began with exciting new clients for whom we, as a team, were able to dig deep into our creative toolkits and pull out interesting, meaningful and successful campaigns. We worked with a large variety of partners around the world, expanding into new geographic regions, spanning across a number of industries. Supporting these partners and clients to craft their narratives, we were happy to receive some fantastic feedback and great referrals. Let’s face it…


You just can’t beat word-of-mouth.  


No matter what new-fangled digital, VR, AI techy solutions the communications community can come up with, nothing beats a referral. When reviewing 2023, we saw that over 70% of Percepto’s new business came from old clients returning and partner recommendations


For me personally, it validates not only a job well done in terms of output and results, but confirms that our stakeholders enjoy working with us. We pride ourselves on building strong professional relationships and understanding the importance of becoming an extended part of their comms. team. 

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

When we invest in relationships, we’re not just forging a professional bond for the present project; we’re laying the foundation for future collaborations. Happy clients tend to come back, whether it’s for new projects or when they move on to new companies. They know the quality of our work and the value we bring to the table, and more importantly, they trust us.


Through these referrals, we are able to gain valuable feedback on how our clients and partners see us and our services. We understand how they see our strengths, but also we can evaluate and continue to improve. 

And so began our Big One of 2023. 


…and then…October.


The Unforeseeable 


 It would be remiss of me to speak about the past 12 months without mentioning the past three. While this is not the platform for political discourse – of which there are of course many – the impact of Israel being plunged into a war has been massive and tangible, presenting professional challenges which we never thought we would have to combat. 

Many Israeli businesses have struggled, with team members being called up to the military, their clients pulling out of contracts and supply chains breaking down. Percepto has been fortunate to be able to avoid many of these issues and continue to provide services – due, in part, to our international reach and the fact that we work digitally, and in part due to those aforementioned close professional relationships.

For the first month, we were forced back into a “Covid-time” style remote working situation, rather than our usual hybrid configuration which brought its own challenges. Of course, a top priority was ensuring that our team was as safe as possible, and as healthy as possible within themselves. 

Work-life balance and mental and physical wellbeing are always vital considerations but in trying times like these, it’s all the more important to take moments to check in and make sure everyone is okay.

A Journey of Obstacles


“The road…never runs smoothly” – an age-old adage, which I firmly believe. The journey is always filled with obstacles to overcome, and although these specific obstacles have been unexpected and perhaps more tricky than usual, it has forced us to adapt and improve. 

Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and in trying times we evolve and become stronger by ensuring we don’t shy away from challenges placed before us. We dealt with these challenges the way we deal with any issues we meet.

Take a moment. Reflect. Reframe. Redefine the situation. Then take it head on!

Focusing on the Future


And that’s what we have done to continue; not only to provide our services to clients, but also to think about expanding. Many will know that, over the past few years, Percepto have been relatively focused on the UK.

Meanwhile, we have recently been working more and more with clients in the United States and 2024 will be our time to spread our transatlantic wings and use our team’s international knowhow, cross-cultural understanding, and unique experience to further expand our East Coast credentials. 

Opportunities have started opening for us with project-based work, a relatively new segment to our business plan 12 months ago but one which grew throughout 2023 and has now become more of a target – from website development and content marketing strategy, to digital awareness campaigns. 

Onwards and Upwards

It’s an exciting time to work in communications. Having been part of the industry since 2007, I’ve been witness to the growth of digital, the leaps forward with social media and the fast pace created by 24-hour news, streaming and online journalism – and nothing is slowing down.

Technology continues to change the way we think about PR, marketing and reputation management. The introduction of AI and VR into the industry continues to expand, opening us up to a whole new world of possibilities. The velocity at which these things develop can seem precipitous – but doesn’t that just add to the interest?

And so we look forward to the upcoming year with anticipation and trepidation, with a sense of excitement. Yes, 2024 promises to be a very exciting year indeed. 

As if we’ve reached the bottom of that giant single drop roller coaster looking around and thinking to ourselves. Can I go again? 

Maybe just without the drop this time.`


Picture of Paul Bloomfield

Paul Bloomfield

Paul Bloomfield is a PR and content specialist with 15 years of experience working across a range of industries and vertical sectors.

As Content Department Manager, Paul leads on strategy and creative for all content and social media. London born and bred, Paul started his career working in some of the UK’s top agencies doing communications for large UK and global brands such as GlaxoSmithKline consumer, Alliance and Leicester and Specsavers.

In 2014 Paul led the launch of the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome and VeloPark to the public and the world. He also worked with many pan-European brands before moving to Israel in 2020. Paul graduated from the University of Leeds in 2007 with a BA (Hons) in Modern Foreign Languages and Linguistics.

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