The Power of Storytelling in Your PR and Digital Marketing

How does a piece of content come to life? Think of the birth of an article and the process behind it. First, you brainstorm ideas, shifting through the ones with potential and the ones that need to be reworked. When you have that “eureka” moment with an idea, then you think of how you will bring that idea from a concept to a cohesive form. 

After, you outline your words into a structure: with a beginning, middle and end. Maybe when you complete your outline, you follow by sitting down and just writing with no breaks. Maybe you simply freeform and get all your thoughts out. Later comes editing, rethinking your words and fixing any loose ends of your story. 

You’re not done yet. You then need to find appropriate images to accompany your words, and ensure your headline, byline and descriptions are ready to go. 3…2…1 and post… you watch your hard work come to life. 

Just like this hypothetical article discussed here, this story about a story took you through a chronological process, just like you want to do for your reader. When publishing your content, taking your audience on a journey can help engage your viewers in new ways, reminding them of the stories they know and love. Especially with an abundance of content on the internet, featuring meaningful stories in your PR and digital marketing will help set you apart from others. 

What Do You Love About a Story?

Think of your favorite books, movies, TV shows and even songs; how do they get their story across? What do you appreciate about the director, author, or artist’s method of storytelling? For generations who grew up with evolving media consuming trends, storytelling has remained consistent no matter the format of viewing. 

In the content that you consume from brands and professionals, some of the same storytelling methods can be used. By adding a personal feel to the content, you can grab your audience’s attention just as your favorite storytellers do.

The Qualities of a Good Story

When considering what most stories have in common, the idea of conflict certainly comes to mind. Whether it be fighting a monster or fighting through one’s internal struggles, conflict can come from many places, and adds a plotline into the story. Without a conflicting force on the protagonist, the story would not have an exciting edge.  

In these stories, the theme of overcoming challenges also makes for a relatable and inspiring tale. When sharing your brand’s story, it’s okay to bring up the hardship and emotion involved in your history, as long as it has a purpose. 

All of these elements help the viewer relate to the content, tapping into their emotions and providing them with a familiar, digestible format for consuming content. 

Storytelling Bringing a Face to Your PR and Digital Marketing

Using online digital PR services or a digital PR company can help you tell these stories in the most effective way possible, especially when it comes to brainstorming ideas for and creating digital content. 

Storytelling gives your brand more of a humane feel, and after all, there are people behind your brand. You can feature the stories of your founding members, CEO, team members and satisfied clients to show the people who keep your brand going. These stories can start with a problem, your brand being the solution. 

This form of storytelling reminds your viewers that your brand isn’t some ominous being, but rather an operation made possible by people with stories. It will also help build a long-term brand image, rather than relying on short-term solutions, according to a LinkedIn Content Marketing article. 

Content Marketing Brings Stories to Your Promotion

Stories can be told in a variety of formats, especially with technology opening up doors to new storytelling methods through photo and video. PR and digital marketing is constantly evolving, but stories are timeless. 

Through your own articles or articles written about you, you can tell a story in an interview or Q&A format, letting your words set the scene and tone. Video content also allows for storytelling through face-to-face interviews and digital imagery, whether animated or live 

On social media, you can maintain a brand narrative by posting consistently, with the same brand values and messaging behind each post. Whether you’re featuring your new interns or your CEO, sharing your team members stories and perspectives on a scheduled basis will help add characters to your brand’s story. 

So, what’s your story?

For your brand, the storytelling in your PR and digital marketing plan needs to be strategic and well-thought out in order to spread your message effectively. Any random story won’t do, as a good story comes from staying genuine and knowing your audience.

Your story doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or full of action, heartbreak or trauma, it just needs to be genuine and of high quality. Your audience will remember your authenticity, and be more likely to trust you, as a 2019 report on brand trust states.

Consulting with people who specialize in writing content like online digital PR services or a digital PR company will help guide you in seeing your stories turn from a concept to reality.  

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