The Importance of Your Knowledge Scope

Bringing New Aspects to ORM

Behind every professional is a person with depth and experience, and in the 21st century, people value that humanity in a public figure. Harvard Business Review recommends storytelling in your content as a form of acknowledging the world around you and adding new ways to engage your audience. Your story does not have to be strictly regarding your profession, however.  

Online reputation management means having quality work attached to your name, but this content can expand beyond your business. Along with your professional focus, what else are you passionate about? What can you talk about for hours and never get sick of? 

Think about the other aspects – besides your career – that make you, you. As a professional, you can broaden people’s perception of you by talking about your passion points. 

ORM in Your Branding 

ORM is all about making sure that your digital presence is representative of what you want to present to the world. Everything that you post and everything posted about you can impact your reputation, so maintaining the right narrative proves crucial. By asking yourself critical questions like, “how do I want people to perceive me?” and “how do people already perceive me?”, you can begin to build a strategy to present yourself online effectively 

Thinking about SEO is important to ensure that quality and positive content effectively reaches your target audience and ranks higher than any potentially unwanted links. Writing about your interests – beyond your career – has the potential to add to your positive online image. All of these concepts come together to form a cohesive personal brand, and working with professional online reputation management services can help bring these ideas and strategies to the forefront.

Discovering Your Passion Points

When considering your passion points, you can go in many different directions, from circling back to life experiences to your latest obsessions. From a branding standpoint, your scope of knowledge helps differentiate you from others and adds to your overall personability. Let’s say that you have always been fascinated by science-fiction novels, for example, and have gained vast knowledge about them over years of reading and collecting. Why not tap into this breadth of expertise and have it be a part of your overall brand? 

When you feel strongly about something, whether it be a pastime, collection or a cause close to your heart,  it can fuel new content. Whether the topic is related to your profession or completely unassociated, be sure to keep it grounded in knowledge, facts and the desire to share something you care about. Ultimately, you want to ensure the content still meets standards of interest and excellence and does not appear thrown-together, superficial or meaningless. 

Adding New Content to Your Name

The goal of creating content that connects to your knowledge scope is to add new aspects to your brand. If you attach your name to a blog regarding one of your passions or write guest posts about this topic, pieces will add value to your search results for your name. From an ORM point-of-view, having positive content linked to your name can help improve your digital narrative. This will also help you tap into new audiences, expanding your reach and finding new communities of like-minded people. 

So, Why Do You Ultimately Need Diverse Content?

If you are well-versed in something, even if it’s not specific to your career or field, sharing it with the world will help you add to your credibility. In addition, this content will emphasize the positive parts of your reputation, helping you maintain your intended branding narrative. 

In a digital landscape where anyone can be a content creator, you can build your brand by showing your personality and sharing your knowledge. With online reputation management and your overall digital presence in mind, this quality content can present yourself professionally and effectively, the way you should be presented. 

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