The Importance of Solid Social Media Management

The Importance of Solid Social Media Management 1

While it’s never too late to initiate or augment your company’s online presence, the biggest mistake a brand can make when creating a social media strategy is using it as a replacement for traditional, above-the-line marketing. Social media 

platforms are a fine place to share advertisements, but if the extent of your company’s social media strategy is using Instagram and Facebook as just a virtual billboard, you’re not using these tools to the best 

of their ability. If you want a fully-realized social media strategy, soliciting the help of a social media  manager is something to explore. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Consistent themes in your marketing are great for increasing brand awareness, but variety is essential for maintaining your audience’s interest. The goal of content creation for social media is to find a balance between generating content that supports business objectives without making your social media platforms feel like a perpetual sales pitch. Before you decide what to post, think about why you’re posting in the first place. Whether the goal of a specific post is to generate traffic to your blog, share testimonial of how the services you provide benefit a community, spread the news about a new product launch, or simply to solidify your brand’s aesthetic and voice, working with a social media manager to clarify your intention for posting is the best way to lay the foundation for quality content. 

The Importance of Building Online CommunitiesOnce the mission of your post is clear, the strategizing begins. Some messages are best expressed directly through text, others might have more impact with an image, and others, yet, might inspire a video campaign. Varying the aim of your content will naturally vary the form of the content itself, and that is huge for keeping your audience engaged. Social media grids are like storefronts built one tile at a time—uniformed, symmetrically-stacked squares are sleek and clean, but mosaics are much more interesting. 

Along those lines, having a comprehensive social media strategy means being active on an assortment of social media platforms that have unique cultures, vernaculars, and standards. A post on Facebook which hits every sweet spot and has the potential to be a viral success, might be completely lost and potentially inappropriate among your LinkedIn network. Adjusting your company’s voice and tone from platform to platform takes a bit of choreography, but it makes all the difference when creating content worth posting. 

Why You Might Want to Add A Social Media Manager

Engaged to be Engaged

One of the benefits of social media is the objective feedback you get in the form of engagement metrics. All platforms provide slightly different data, but a social media manager can help interpret those figures to analyze what is working for you and what needs to be adjusted. They can look to competitors to see what techniques are successful for them, and how you can differentiate yourself in your own content. Focusing on the social in social media, a community manager can generate audience engagement by putting out calls to action and facilitating click-throughs from your posts.

Leveraging social media to your business’s advantage adds an exciting dimension when developing your brand. Still, social media strategy takes just that—strategy. Preparation is the most important element in creating engaging content, and a social media management agency can give you confidence that you’re fully prepared to share your company’s voice and vision on the many platforms the World Wide Web has to offer. 

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