SEO for your Brand Perception

In 2022, you need to know your brand in order to present your brand. If your messaging is unclear or not genuine, you run the risk of losing potential customers and connections who look for authenticity in companies (88% of consumers reported valuing authenticity when considering who they buy from in 2021). Once you have your clearly-defined identity with words, images and concepts to describe your brand, now you must think about how people will find you amongst competitors and other content online. Here’s a hint: think about the last time you Google searched and what words you typed in to describe what you wanted to see.  

The word “optimization” in Search Engine Optimization answers the question of how your target audience will find your brand in the wide world of cyberspace. By using certain techniques to land higher on search engine results pages, you are optimizing your visibility online, making it easier to increase brand awareness with new people.

SEO: Not Just for Web Traffic but for Brand Building 

Typically when discussing SEO, statistics, numbers and percentages come to the forefront since that is what will come up on your interfaces and dashboards. While having numeric, tangible evidence on how utilizing SEO leads to brand visibility is important, we also need to take a deeper look at what happens once your company reaches high exposure. Think about the people behind the numbers describing your online traffic; beyond the computer screens and the clicks, there are individuals who are actively looking for answers and solutions. 

Using SEO as a way to reach people can drive engagement on your website and social media, therefore leading to a new perception of your brand. Rather than simply looking at SEO as only a way to get your name out there, you can consider all parts of the searching process. 

SEO Brings Users to the First Step in Perceiving Your Brand

In collaborative conversations with your team, you can discuss what words you want your audience to associate your brand with. Think about your company’s main focus and what you want to provide for your stakeholders. From there, you can curate your content to match those things  already being searched for and according to which keywords you want people to use for when thinking and ‘Googling’ your brand.

Looking at SEO as the first step to increasing brand awareness, rather than the only way to build your image online, will prove important in maintaining a holistic digital presence. You still need to think about the quality of your content, and create a memorable and beneficial user experience for your website users. Once online visitors reach your content they can form personal opinions and perceptions on what they see. 

Using SEO to Promote your Personality 

According to Psychology Today, “…consumers perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as they do in other people.” When thinking of brands as people with defining factors, you can then format your B2B brand awareness in a more personal, yet professional way. 

These keywords that you utilize in your content can help promote your desired image, as words help promote your overall messaging, vibe and goals. Stay true and consistent in the keywords you use to attract those who are genuinely interested in your brand. 

Why SEO Rather than Paid Advertising?

SEO keywords can be divided into branded terms including the company or firm’s distinct name and unbranded terms including what product or service they provide. Internet searchers find 88% of B2B sites through unbranded terms, showing the effectiveness of organic search results.

Additionally, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, “When it comes to the share of traffic, roughly 20% to 30% of searchers click on paid results, and 70% to 80% of searchers click on SEO results.” This only goes to show how people want to see genuine content, and can be skeptical of advertisements.

SEO Creates a Fluid Cycle to Branding 

Think of SEO as the first step in your journey to building a digital reputation. From that first search to the ultimate perception of your brand, your overall public image can bloom from a simple click on your website.

With research examining the effectiveness of SEO and organically-found content, SEO is only going to increase in popularity as the world becomes more focused on digital communication. 

What SEO Can Do For Your Public Image


“It’s 2022, and your messaging needs to be easily accessible to your audience.”
  • Needing to elevate your SEO game
  • Looking at SEO as a long term thing, not just a short term solution SEO and its rise in popularity

SEO – Not Just for Web Traffic but for Brand Building

  • It’s also for engagement – there is a real person behind the computer screen looking at your content, don’t you want it to be meaningful
  • Using SEO as a way to reach people can help drive this engagement, draw attention to the quality content on your website
  • Bridging the gap between finding your content, engaging with your content and building a public image
    1. Using SEO as a way to connect potential customers to your brand face, therefore building a public image from how they perceive your content

    SEO brings users to the first step in perceiving a brand

    • A quick google search can go a long way
    • What keywords do you think people are using to search for a brand like yours?
      1. Curating your content to match what people are already searching for and also what you want people to search for

    Why SEO rather than paid advertising?

    • More natural and organic
    • Gives your brand a more real feel rather than shoving it in people’s faces
    • According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “When it comes to the share of traffic, roughly 20% to 30% of searchers click on paid results, and 70% to 80% of searchers click on SEO results.”
      1. Showing how people want to see real content and can be skeptical of ads that clearly show how they were curated

      Using SEO to promote your personality

    • “Research reveals that consumers perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as they do in other people,” according to Psychology today
      1. Putting these concepts to use, your content and buzzwords should accurately show your brand’s messaging, vibe and goals
      2. This will help up your public image

    Conclusion: SEO creating a fluid cycle to branding

    From gaining exposure in the first search, to the perception of your brand from people who research it, to your overall public image.
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