Repairing your Negative Online Presence Through Quality Content

Trying to get negative content wiped from the internet is a losing battle, but there is a direct correlation between where a web page lands in search results and how relevant it is in the collective consciousness. One of the benefits of content marketing is its additional applications in brand reputation management. You can’t kill a story once it’s published, but a link found on the sixth page of Google is as good as six feet under. Some brands tackle negative search results by burying them with meaningless content. However, instead of flooding the internet with SEO gobbledygook, your company can use an urgent need to counteract unwanted press as an opportunity to enhance your online presence with quality content.

Tell Your Story

Even if an unfavorable headline momentarily affects the perception of your brand online, your company never loses the capacity to take an active role in crafting their narrative. The best way to combat media that contradicts your brand’s key messaging is with content that illustrates your values and broadcasts your achievements. However, it’s possible to engage with your audience in a way that authentically communicates your brand’s point of view while simultaneously implementing techniques to pull your narrative ahead in search engine results pages. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but video is superior when it comes to online brand protection. According to research, video content makes up over 80% of all online content. Adapting to this trend in social media usage is important across all of your brand’s content, but it should especially be considered in concert with an SEO reputation management strategy. Posts that include videos and infographics should be prioritized not only because of how effective they are in grabbing your audience’s attention, but also because users can easily share and repost visual content. Developing social media presence that’s consistent in both a posting schedule and brand messaging will boost your account’s engagement metrics. Steady engagement can get your native content a stronger Google ranking than the content from which you’re trying to distance yourself.

Spread the Word

Once you’ve determined how you want to position your brand, you’ll want to enlist the help of others to propel your narrative online. Set a goal to get trustworthy media outlets covering your content, campaigns, and press releases, because having third-party sources vouch for your business increases your brand’s credibility. Achieving positive media coverage exponentially magnifies the success of your SEO reputation management approach. Of course, news outlets have built-in audiences that will be open to hearing your message because of the venue from which they’re receiving the information. However, editorial backlinks are also a powerful factor in Google’s algorithm, and will bring the content you want to promote closer to the first page.

Strikes against your brand’s online reputation are never welcome, but they don’t have to be received as catastrophic. Negative comments are par for the course, so take the opportunity to utilize SEO reputation management strategies and manifest your brand image intentionally.

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