PR tools for startups

PR tools for startups can be very different compared to other brands as they are essentially starting from scratch. This leads to efforts being focused more on short term growth in addition to longer term maintenance of a reputation. Starting with a blank slate can provide unique opportunities for brands to build their reputation from the ground up, making sure that they differentiate themselves from the competition and resonate with their target audience.

PR steps startups can follow

These steps are here to help brands create an effective press release and in turn, help them identify what they need to create one and how to get it infront their target audience.

Step 1 – Determine core values and goals

Brands need to reflect on their foundational elements. What should be identified first is the value proposition as it is the core of a brand. It is the unique and distinguishing selling point which will help brands stand out from competition. It should be easily understood and preferably explained in one sentence. 

A simple proposition leads to more focus on developing content that is consistent. It also helps with explaining brand values to stakeholders and customers. There are a few examples of core values to integrate into a brand’s communication. These are their integrity, honesty, trust, passion, innovation, diversity and quality. These values can be further integrated into their internal communications. It is critical for companies to have core values so they know who they are and what they stand for. This in turn also helps with creating content that aligns with the brand.

Step 2 – Create engaging content

A brand’s story is part of every piece of content they create, which can be improved and enhanced upon. The story provides a consistent and unified voice across each and every digital platform the brand interacts with which increases credibility as well. Content being created needs to align with your brand’s core values and should serve a much higher purpose than just creating it for the sake of it. 

There are a few ways to create content which will be a part of a brand’s strategy as well as many PR tools for startups to utilize. These include creating an integrated calendar which includes seasonal and year round content, making sure the content is SEO optimized, analyzing how a target audience interacts and consumes the brand’s content which can give a better indication as to what people like, and leveraging their network which helps reach similar audiences. Brands should try to include important personalities in their content which can help- reach their target audience and increase it at the same time.

Step 3 – Contacting the media

It’s no surprise that PR tools for startups are not as straightforward as it seems. Companies who are relatively new and have just begun building a team, need to get creative and put themselves out there. They have a story to tell which communicates their core values, and now is the time to get it out to the media. 

This is often done through the creation of a press release. There are many PR tools for startups that are available for use in this creation process. It should be noted that PR is generally only useful when there is a worthy story to share with journalists. News worth sharing can include anything from a funding announcement or an expansion to a new region or sector, to the announcement of an important figure entering the company and the launch of a new product line or service. Any sort of mergers or acquisitions and awards won are also great stories to put into the media and increase awareness of your brand.

Step 4 – Working with a PR agency

There are many benefits when it comes to working with a PR agency, as their services can be incredibly valuable in helping the company with their goals. PR tends to be quite time consuming, and startups who don’t have teams dedicated to this will need third party help to increase their chances of success. 

Brands should thoroughly research any sort of collaboration with another company to make sure they are right for them. This can be both as a brand as well as personal and direct interactions with the company. This also means that brands need to know their values, goals, and expectations which can help gauge which agency suits them best. Percepto has tools and services which help startups and assists them with their PR strategies and more.

PR tools for startups are essential for companies who want to spread the word about themselves. However, it’s brand’s who actually understand what PR is and the steps to creating good PR who have an upper hand over their competition. Startups should identify key ways in which PR can help launch their brand and put it into the spotlight. This in turn leads to even better PR and spreading more awareness of the brand. Brand’s should definitely take advantage of the PR tools for startups that are available to them.

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