Percepto Reshapes Company Image Through Online Brand Reputation Management Services

What is ORM?

In today’s modern society the Internet is our primary source for just about everything. It has dramatically revolutionized how the world views and receives information. As the primary source of news and data, people turn to the internet for reliable sources, making online reputation more important than ever. Building a solid foundation online opens a world of possibilities, allowing for more engagement with potential customers. Utilizing online brand reputation management services is crucial to the process of rebranding, increasing visibility and building brand equity. 

There are many key factors to keep in mind while writing or rewriting your online narrative. People heavily rely on Google results, reviews and website presentation to determine the credibility of a brand. When upscaling your business, you also need to ensure that you are promoting captivating brand-centric content that is of high quality. An important characteristic of a strong online narrative correlates to how well it ranks on Google. Research shows that 98% of people won’t look past the first page of Google to find what they are looking for. Therefore, top ranking content that appears on the first page of Google takes precedence over public perception and is often used to influence public opinion.  

Online brand reputation management services include a combination of Marketing, SEO and Public Relations strategies to repair a brand’s reputation as well as maintain a positive corporate identity. Utilizing such online reputation services and strategies from the early stages of your business makes it easier to maintain a consistent image without having to do much repair work. 

What are ORM Tools? 

In order to stand out amongst stakeholders it is crucial to understand the technical process behind managing an online brand. An online brand reputation management service, SEO, works to push your content to the top so that your brand is visible to relevant stakeholders. However, to excel at content promotion using SEO, one must understand the intricate networks of the online web. Google, for example, favors sites who promote high quality content as well as ones that are consistently generating unique texts. There are many people who falsely believe that promoting loads of content will produce desired results, regardless of quality. Google filters out low-quality content and as a result, does not rank well. 

Making sure that you have positive reviews can also do wonders for your brand, as reviews are equivalent to the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. Positive reviews and general online engagement directly impact the brand’s profitability. Potential clients are heavily influenced by word of mouth which is why gaining positive reviews can dramatically increase a brands credibility. While the best review management strategy is stellar customer service, some poor reviews cannot be avoided. If you are actively tracking your business’s reviews (and you should be) you can promptly respond to unhappy customers. Sometimes customers just want to be heard – and will voluntarily retract their review if you attempt to make things right.

Public Relations techniques play a major role in online brand reputation management services as they oversee building strong relationships with the press and engage the brand’s target market by monitoring and influencing online activity. PR strongly enforces content creation as the building block to fortify a brand’s online presence. During a crisis, PR works to repress negative content through the promotion of positive content.  One way to do so is by enhancing visibility through controlled platforms such as company websites, blogs and Wikipedia pages. As the face of the brand, it is strongly advised that the company owner should invest in creating equally strong and professional content. People are more likely to engage in a company that prioritizes transparency. As the face of your company, creating a personal website, blog and updated portfolio portrays a reputable company image. 

Another way to engage your target market is through social media. Every brand should strive to maintain an active professional social media account. It is the perfect outlet for brands to redefine themselves through brand-centric content, while directly engaging with their audience. PR professionals also manage media outreach to make sure that your brand gets the maximum amount of positive coverage. 

Which Brand has the Best ORM services and Why you Should Invest in an Online Brand Reputation Management Agency?

Many ORM techniques can be easily implemented into your business strategy. However, the assistance from an ORM expert makes for a highly effective and organized more credible site and delivers more detailed results. If a company goes through a PR crisis, an ORM professional will take the time to tackle the problem from every possible angle, leaving the brand more time to focus on their own work. An ORM agency such as Percepto, handles the arduous task of repairing, polishing and rebranding your company image to make it reputable amongst stakeholders. In addition, an ORM agency creates and distributes content to the right media outlets. Dealing with ORM without professional help can be tricky and time consuming, especially when running a business. Therefore, utilizing online brand reputation management services can give you an upper hand when it comes to marketing your brand online. 

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