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Navigating Divisive Issues – How Web Summit’s Cosgrove is a Cautionary Tale CEOs serve as the public face of the company, and their beliefs and values reflect directly on the


Elon Musk's Twitter Era reportedly triggered turmoil, and alienated users and advertisers. Will rebranding solve all the platform’s problems? Is this move a PR masterstroke or marketing misstep?

Percepto partnered with a Swiss investment firm to increase their online presence and create the perfect narrative across multiple countries in two different languages.

The Advantages of Implementing a Comprehensive Social Media ORM Strategy

It’s important to include social media strategy into your online reputation management and here is ...
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5 Tips for the Finance Industry to Improve Online Reputation Management Strategy

To help improve their trust and credibility, it’s important for companies working in the financial ...
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“The Gen Z Method”

“The Gen Z Method” Liat Blumner Public Relations and Content Account Manager with Percepto Using ...
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Digital Storytelling for SMBs

Digital Storytelling for SMBs Victor Ortiz Content Marketer with GoodFirms Small and medium businesses can ...
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Facebook Could Ban News if US Journalism Bill Passes: How Will This Impact Strategy?

Meta’s policy communications head states that the new journalism bill will force him to consider ...
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How Social Media and the Shrinking Consumer Attention Span Are Connected

How Social Media and the Shrinking Consumer Attention Span Are Connected — And What That ...
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How content marketing strategy examples from the past can help us build our own

The web is full to the brim of content marketing strategies, its definition, why they ...
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Could ORM be the Safest Investment Private Equity and Hedge Funds Make

It is a common misconception that financial businesses only need to manage their reputation when ...
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PR tools for startups

PR tools for startups can be very different compared to other brands as they are ...
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Hiring a PR Agency for Tech Startups

The Key to Communication: PR for Tech Companies   Tech is the future. However, when ...
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Branding and PR for Startups

Branding and PR for startups consists of how startups portray themselves to the public, and ...
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19 Ways Startups can Use Comms to Attract Investors

In today’s world of “cancel culture”, gaining media coverage can be tricky. One small mistake ...
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The Virtual World of Communications is Here

A quick glance into the future of marketing. Attend events from home, feel like you’re ...
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