Online Reputation Agencies

Online reputation of a brand is important these days as most people are online. People are more digitally connected and tend to do almost everything through the internet. This includes discovering new brands, researching existing brands and gauging whether or not they would purchase from them, reading reviews from people who have purchased products or interacted with the brand, and so much more. Brand’s need to understand this and need to implement ways in which they can make sure their online reputation is positive, engaging and impactful for their target audience.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation consists of the reputation of a company, person, product, service, or any other element of the online space and digital platforms. The reputation is also impacted by any of the content a brand or element distributes, any sort of online reviews and web interactions with users, and the brand or elements activity on social media networks and so on. For brands mainly operating online, their reputation in the digital world is incredibly important, and can significantly impact the success of a brand if done correctly and adequately. It can be said that brands who fail to successfully manage their online reputation, no longer operate or struggle to do so online. This is why brand’s who want to succeed but don’t have internal teams, who can dedicate themselves to the management and adaptation of their online reputation, should look for third party assistance. This would mainly be online reputation agencies.

Online Reputation Agency

An online reputation management agency is a team of specialists, which use their strategy and methods to monitor brand’ online presence. This involves the promotion of products with positive content, whilst also implementing strategies, which help negate any sort of negative reputation and impressions of the brand. Their main goal is to focus on the social media management outreach of said company or brand. 

Online Reputation Agency Services

An online reputation agency uses a variety of techniques and methods which analyze, establish, protect and restore a brand’s online image. These services include:

  • Social Media Monitoring and Management. Digital platforms which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more are able to help brands grow, evolve and flourish in the online space. However, it should be noted that anything that is posted on social media will have an impact on the brand’s audience. This means that if something inappropriate is posted, it can be devastating for the brand’s reputation. Brand’s need to be careful what they post, most of their audience is online these days and anything posted online usually stays online.
  • Content Development and Management. Having high-quality content increases the likelihood of a brand ranking better in search engines, whilst building a good reputation. In this case, the agency and its team will help brands produce and cater their content to the intended target audience, and make sure that any results for the brand are positively reinforced, so that any negative reputation is pushed out of the way.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Management. SEO consists of optimizing a brand’s online content which increases its rank on search engines like google. This means it would be more likely to show up as one of the first results. Online Reputation agencies use SEO, which increases the chance of users searching for topics related to a brand to find them. Negative information is definitely something brand’s want to replace with positive information. Agencies use information which is truthful and positive to negate the negative content.
  • Competitor Monitoring. Even though this is a less common aspect of online reputation management, agencies can still benchmark a brands competition. This means the agency monitors the competition and compares them in terms of search keywords, social activity, reviews, mentions online, and many more.
  • Review and Acquisition Management. Many agencies tend to help businesses accrue and manage positive online reviews. The strategies employed incentivise people to write reviews of the brand. People writing good reviews of the brand on sites such as Google, which the general population looks to when it comes to researching a company, lead to agencies further promoting these reviews. Negative reviews trigger a reaction for agencies who then help brand’s restore and alleviate the situation. Some services consist of software which help manage reviews from one platform.
  • Third-party Website Monitoring. It can be quite damaging for former employees and unsatisfied customers to leave negative reviews on sites like yelp and glassdoor, and it is easy for them to write a blog post or create a new website, around the negative interactions they have had with the brand. Agencies can easily help monitor and negate any of this negative reputation and help brands respond accordingly.

A brand and its business is unique to itself. Not all businesses require online reputation agencies.  Large businesses tend to have teams who are specifically geared towards their online reputation management. Whereas, other smaller businesses may not have the budget for this, and would need to look for agencies which they are comfortable with, to help them with what their problems are and what they need.

What is an online reputation management Agency?

Online reputation management agency like Percepto can help create a significant and positive impact for a brand on its target audience, which in turn can lead to the substantial growth of the brand. 

How do you measure a company’s reputation?

There are many services which can help you measure a company’s reputation. These businesses have high ranking spots in managing a brand’s online reputation.

  • Enlicher – A one-of-a-kind social media marketing tool, with robust brand monitoring and reputation management capabilities. Enlicher gives immediate access to brand mentions spanning across multiple mediums such as forums, blogs, news, socials, and many more. Brands can know exactly how their audiences feel with sentiment analysis. The platform informs the brand of its perception right away, which allows them to act accordingly and stay ahead of any unwanted and unnecessary reputation.
  • Google My Business – If anything, the best place for brand’s to find information on themselves and manage their online reputation would be google itself. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for a wide variety of businesses, including local companies and large scale industries, to sell their products and interact with their target audience. Brands are able to monitor their contacts through google contacts and maps, and also launch an effective ad campaign. It is generally an easy-to-use service, which allows businesses to organize their online reputation across sites on google.
  • TrustPilot – An exceptional platform for brands and customers to interact and collaborate together on. The company’s vision is to build trust and cooperation between the company and their audience. It is a user-friendly platform that allows brands to gain positive reviews. Trustpilot also has a reputation of being transparent with its insights and reports.
  • Yelp – A one-stop destination for a wide variety of local businesses. Consisting of an easy-to-use platform which helps connect businesses, ranging from restaurants to home services, Yelp provides remarkable customer review support and ads. They have one of the best algorithms which removes false reviews, and maintains a strict authenticity rating. They also let brands post updates on products they have or are coming soon.
  • Facebook – The social media giant is one of the best online reputation agencies which offers support to a massive number of big and small businesses. They also offer reasonable pricing for ad campaigns and for customer rating and review facilities. Facebook is the epicenter of e-commerce, so brands can find a plethora of services and tools, which Facebook gives them access to, as well as a larger scope for doing business on the platform.

With online brand reputation being so important these days, and businesses who are unable to afford entire teams to help them manage this reputation, it is important for them to know that they have access to services, such as online reputation agencies. These agencies can single handedly boost and improve a brands online reputation significantly, to a point that it can change the way the digital world would see them. Negative and false reviews can be overcome through these agencies, and positive and truthful reviews would replace and counter negative ones. The digital world has significantly impacted the globe, and with the majority of the population online, brands need to tread carefully in these digital waters, to make sure they are producing content which has a positive impact on their target audience.

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