Online PR in Digital Marketing

Online PR in digital marketing can be game changing if businesses are able to implement it effectively. With the majority of the world engaging with businesses online, creating good online PR makes it even more important. When considering online PR in digital marketing, start with understanding what it is. Online PR, also known as digital PR, is a strategy that involves link-building by creating pieces of engaging content and stories. This leads to an improvement in search rankings and SEO on Google. It is a good low-cost technique which helps increase your brand’s awareness and website, but also requires quite a bit of effort to get it right. Bringing it into perspective, its main goals pertain to augmenting and improving a client’s reputation while also increasing their reputation.

Online PR vs Traditional PR

Being able to differentiate online PR in digital marketing and traditional PR is important. Traditional PR usually consists of building brand awareness for clients through press releases, stories, event planning, and crisis management using traditional media such as print, radio and television. Measuring traditional PR statistics can be quite difficult, as print publications need longer reading times, and the precise metrics on audience reach is hard to track. Pondering on it, the tracked metrics would only be monitored as potential audiences, meaning you would be unable to monitor your reach through broadcast and print outlets, as these are unreliable metric trackers. Because of this, online PR in digital marketing is definitely the more reliable source of tracking necessary metrics.

Both online PR and traditional PR have the same goals – to help brands build awareness, create and enforce positive reputation surrounding them, and engage with the intended target audience. When looking at online PR, it is almost the same as traditional PR, but has a few unique aspects to it, which make it a powerful and more effective tool to use. The idea of online PR is to create infographics, surveys or interactive content, before showing it to press releases and targeted journalists, which secures coverage and links on related/relevant publications online. Ways in which online PR can track metrics is through backlinks, brand awareness online, website traffic, engagement statistics, search rankings and conversion and sales. There is a wide variety of tools available, including Buzzsumo, Google Analytics and Majestic which allow you to track the metrics mentioned. 

What are The Benefits of Online PR

Being aware of the benefits of Online PR can help you decide whether or not it is important to you now or at a later stage. These benefits include exposing your brand to more people in the markets you target, reaching more audiences through social media, enhancing your brand’s trust and credibility, boosting the search engine rankings your brand has, and growing website traffic. As can be seen, it is a good idea to plan and strategize around online PR, as the benefits can easily help brands in the long run, by improving the major aspects of their online presence.

Why is Online PR in Digital Marketing Important

No matter how important Online PR is, brands still tend to misunderstand why it is so important, and why it can play a critical role in marketing strategies. The internet has become a place of massive engagement and interaction with audiences brands target, but businesses tend to see online PR as something they can add onto their existing strategies, rather than being a core element. The importance of online PR is its cost effectiveness as online marketing can be drastically less expensive than traditional PR. Faster results are much more attainable, and companies of all sizes have an equal playing field online, as they have access to all available online platforms. Taking advantage of it through early adoption as the internet is still new and is constantly changing, will be incredibly beneficial for brands in the long run.

Tips for Managing Your Online PR in Digital Marketing

Having a decent understanding of online PR in digital marketing is good, but it is even better knowing a few tips which can help improve your strategies in the future. These tips are from established online PR professionals, and they include:

  • Demonstrating your authority in your digital space – Think more broadly than media relations. Become more leverageable on online review sites. These would be your branded Google presence and other trust signals which show Authority.
  • Optimize for maximum click-through – Online PR is as much an SEO play as it is a traditional PR play. It is key to understand this, as it increases the success rate in becoming a digital PR manager.
  • Leverage Social media, niche-influencers, and podcasts – A strong campaign which includes SEO content and influencer strategy, with the add on of effective engagement with customers through social media, allows brands to share their stories to a broader audience, target specific customers with niche content, and drive traffic to their sites/brands online. Therefore, this generates revenue and brings in new customers while cutting costs.

Great Online PR Marketing Campaigns to Learn From


The mission for this campaign was to increase brand awareness and growth online. The difficulty of buying presents for dads on fathers day is quite prominent. A shocking headline stating that “most men receive flowers at their funerals” says it all. This needed to be changed. The search demand for flowers on fathers day was extremely low, so it was a challenging task. The campaign’s main goal was to normalize gifting flowers to men on fathers day. An influencers campaign had been launched and moments of men being gifted flowers were captured. This led to the campaign being seen by over 300,000 people ,and drove 2,900 people organically to the flowers for father’s day category created for the campaign. A 62% increase in demand was seen in searches for flowers on fathers day, during the campaign.

A simple data campaign revealed the healthiest places to live on earth. It ranks countries based on their obesity rates, pollution, food prices, life expectancy, and sunlight hours. It had been the best performing campaign of the year for the client, which resulted in 217 media placements across 23 countries, 94% of those being new referring domains.


This campaign started off in January for product development. Hoodies had been the top trending attire in 2021, alongside loungewear during the lockdown. A masked hoodie had been conceptualized, and several thousand units had been produced in the hopes they would sell out. They ended up doing just that. The masked hoodie ended up in 40+ placements/links on Heat Mag, Daily Mail, OK! Magazine and more. 12,000 people visited the product page as a result of the strategy, which led to the product selling out organically. Extra products were pushed out as demand was increasing. The products included a dress, a roll neck top and more which all included a built-in face mask.

Bernie Sander – Ikea Ad

The Bernie folding chair image was spreading across the internet, with trending brands jumping on the bandwagon. A fake social ad for IKEA had renamed their low cost folding chair to Bernie. The simple post had a massive engagement of 1.2 million views for the brand.

Online PR in digital marketing may not seem like the right thing to be working on right now. But it is best to think proactively about it and actually plan for the future, when it would be best to bring it into play. Businesses who want more success with their brand in the digital space would do well in investing in online PR. It can help brands increase their awareness, increase credibility and trust with customers which in the long run has amazing benefits, and secure a digital presence that is positive and actively engages with target audiences.

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