Hiring a PR Agency for Tech Startups

The Key to Communication: PR for Tech Companies  

Tech is the future. However, when talking about the technology that will shape our tomorrow, it’s easy to get lost in complex tech terms, scientific wording and hard-to-understand concepts. It takes time, dedication and oftentimes academic degrees for professionals to wrap their heads around some of the most pressing technology questions, but this is not realistic for everyone. In reality, most people consuming tech want to know how the product will benefit them, with a basic understanding behind the mechanics.

The PR agencies for tech startups recognize this growing need for streamlined communication when it comes to tech concepts. With so much brain power and revolutionary thinking being put into tech startups by entrepreneurs, you don’t want to lose potential connections or branding opportunities because of a lack of communication. This is where a high tech PR agency comes in for all things communication. PR agencies exist to bridge the gap between your intended audience and your brand, even if your company involves intricate tech solutions. 

What is tech PR? 

Tech ideas come from the minds of people, all in pursuit of improving the world in some facet. Since tech affects so many people, there will naturally be many stakeholders to whom these powerful messages should be communicated. Think of your investors, your consumers, your employees, the media covering your company and every person and group your brand can reach. PR for tech companies means making strategic efforts to reach the audiences that will help your brand innovate and grow in their sector. In order to reach a diverse group of stakeholders, tech PR explains confusing jargon and concepts in a way that multiple audiences can comprehend.  

Why do tech companies need PR?

Utilizing a PR agency for your tech startup means positioning yourself as competition in the market and sharing your brand message effectively. In the past, tech startups have had to overcome communication and platform-related barriers, resulting in a lack of clarity for potential stakeholders and consumers. Poor communication can cost you, hurting your overall public reputation and profitability.

Julie Shavit, a tech PR professional of over two decades, said in a Forbes article, “I’ve noticed that while STEM industries face a lack of resources and talent to effectively communicate their achievements and sell their solutions, young communications professionals hurt from a serious lack of opportunities.” This article emphasizes the need for more students and professionals to take on tech PR careers, since these opportunities are so prevalent in the digital age.  

The art of getting your message across

PR professionals spend years learning how to communicate effectively through powerful wording, networking skills and targeted messaging. By utilizing a variety of communication theories and research-proven methods, the PR agencies for tech startups don’t just treat public relations as a tool, they treat it as an artform.

MIT Management delves into this complex art in their article, “How to communicate technical knowledge to diverse audiences (without coming across as a know-it-all).” 

By considering audiences of multiple education levels, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, you can then have a better understanding of how to talk about your tech startup. Sociology and public relations intertwine in how different groups of people digest information. For audiences with minimal tech backgrounds, MIT Senior Lecturer Miro Kazakfoff notes that you may want to consider using visualizable analogies and specific examples to explain technical ideas. 

In the lecture, Kazakoff also discusses the importance of stepping into your audience’s heads and recognizing the basis of knowledge they are starting off with, and what knowledge they want to walk out with. Catering your communication towards benefitting the receivers will  be important in this process. 

With PR agencies like Percepto devoting their time and purpose into understanding your company, and then applying communication knowledge to spread your message with the world, it is imperative to have experts on your side.

How do startups get PR? 

The first step to finding the right PR agency for tech startups is researching and asking yourself key organizational questions. Truly think, what does your brand need to present itself most effectively? 

PR is more than just communication to strategically targeted audiences, it’s looking over your overall brand and seeing how you portray yourself in the market. You probably need someone keeping up with your Online Reputation Management (ORM), meaning monitoring what people are saying about you, and shaping what you say about your own brand.

This includes an understanding of  what to do to combat negative press and poor reviews. In addition, you may need social media impressions, with a focus on providing quality content to your followers and reaching the people you want online.

As a PR agency for tech startups, Percepto will consult with you to decide what your brand needs and how to implement it to see real-time, quantifiable results. While tech can get a bad reputation for coming off complicated and hard to reach, PR agencies are the key to breaking down these communication barriers.

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