Effective Content Marketing for Startups

It’s become an accepted fact that the majority of startups fail, with one in five closing their doors in the first year and 50% failing by year two. Indeed, one of the most commonly cited statistic about startups is that 90% eventually run aground. Of course, that doesn’t deter those who believe in their business idea. The UK saw over 690,000 new startups from 2019-2021; the US had over 4.5 million new business applications in 2021 alone.

While there is no exact recipe for success, those startups that do succeed will often share certain characteristics – a unique selling point, entry into a growing market, the ability to respond to market changes, and a talented team behind the product. But even if all those boxes are ticked, startups can fail if an effective marketing strategy is not in place. Especially for new brands, success can lie in employing hard-hitting, reputable content marketing services for startups.

Effective Online Content Marketing Helps a Brand Stand Out

It’s widely understood that an online presence is a key requisite for every business, but it’s a crowded arena and not always easy to stand out from the crowd. Effective content marketing services can help your startup get off the ground, better engage with your target audience, and position your brand as a market leader.

The right team will understand content marketing from a variety of angles, with experience as both a B2B content marketing agency and a B2C content marketing agency. They will appreciate that a brand’s content marketing plan must be tailored to specific audiences and goals – and fulfill its promise.

Building Customized, Effective Content Marketing for Startups

There’s a wide range of tactics for creating a compelling, effective online content marketing strategy for your startup, but a solid plan is best built around a few field-tested steps. Blogs, reviews, news stories, profiles, social media campaigns, interviews, thought leadership pieces, podcasts may all be appropriate for getting your message to your target audience, but before the content is created, a thoughtful assessment of your current efforts provides a good starting point. Here is how to create an effective content marketing plan:

Begin with a thorough understanding of your goals and needs. Working closely with your in-house marketing team, your chosen content marketing team should audit your existing marketing, noting what works and what could be reshaped for better results. From your messaging and website to your SEO tactics and content placement, they’ll look at metrics to understand your current marketing profile.

Once there is a full picture of your current content marketing efforts, you should work together to create a content marketing plan that builds on your areas of strength and finds solutions to bolster or improve upon weaker aspects.

Next, the team will create the content, the heart of the content marketing plan and a major piece of the weaponry devised to engage your target audiences. As a startup, you will want to make use of the best mix of content for our brand: blogs, interviews and thought leadership pieces, articles and podcasts, press releases, videos and social media posts.

With the content created, distribution will begin to the best marketing channels to reach your targets. Then, the last steps for creating and implementing an effective content marketing strategy is analyzing and amplifying your results. The entire process should be evaluated, taking a careful look at metrics and finetuning your plan if necessary to get the best outcomes moving forward.

15 Years of Creating Effective Content Marketing

It’s estimated that while over 90% of businesses use some sort of content marketing strategy, a huge number of those businesses fail.  Of course, failure of a business likely has several causes, an effective and strategic online content marketing can be the difference between a brand that succeeds and one that falters. If you are at the helm of a new brand, be sure to understand how quality content marketing for startups can help you succeed.

Since 2007, Percepto has been working as a digital content marketing agency, collaborating with startups and established brands to create unique and engaging content. Contact Percepto for an initial consultation, and discover how Percepto can help your startup.

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