How content marketing strategy examples from the past can help us build our own

The web is full to the brim of content marketing strategies, its definition, why they are important, and how one can use them. It is also important for a brand to examine past content marketing strategy examples and learn from them, so they may either avoid a mistake that was made or integrate what the strategy did correctly in order to achieve similar results. 

What is content marketing?

To start, content marketing is a way in which a brand engages with its audience, and increases customers based on relevant and valuable content production. These strategies have the capability of attracting, involving and creating value for the brand and its audience. This method allows for the bolstering of positive brand perception, as well as the potential generation of more profit for the business, depending on the brand’s end goals. Brands are able to gain more relevance, visibility and growth through content marketing. Content marketing goals are to make brands stand out from the already oversaturated market that currently exists. With this in mind, brands can increase the likelihood of being remembered by their audience and avoid being swallowed by competition.

Content marketing: The big picture

When looking at content marketing as a whole, it can be quite exhausting as it may feel like a never ending battle. The pressure of outperforming competition, audience expectations, keeping content up to date and inline with the brand can quickly reduce the creativity of brands. However, with the amount of content produced on the internet, as well as brands constantly trying to create the next best content marketing strategies, there are a plethora of examples for brands to analyze, gain insights from, and avoid mistakes made. It is also important to keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” strategy. Each brand will have their own unique strategies which work for them only. 

Aspects brands can study

There are certain aspects of content marketing strategy examples that brands can look out for when examining them. There is no limit to which ones can be studied, whether it be a large, well established brand, or a brand new company who managed to get a content marketing strategy off its feet. The strategies to look at include, video, social media and evergreen content marketing strategy examples. 

Video content can be extremely powerful when it comes to engagement with audiences. Not everyone wants to view blogs, download in-depth digital marketing materials, or subscribe to email marketing campaigns. If a brand is heavily reliant on video content, then video content marketing strategy examples should be researched and reviewed. Companies like Amazon, State Farm, The General and many more have excellent examples for brands to study and reflect on. 

With social media booming in 2022, it is important for brands who rely on it to monitor strategies which can help guide them with their own ones. Brands need to evaluate their social media content performance and improve on it. Spotify and Apple have amazing examples of how they used social media to reach consumers at the right time with the right message. 

And finally, evergreen content marketing strategy examples. This type of content never really goes out of style. It doesn’t involve many statistics or anything else that may expire. The content normally includes best tips, listicles, reviews of products and services, “how to” blogs and video guides. Content like this should not include elements which need frequent updating. Brands like Neutrogena, Byrdie and MINDBODY all have examples of everlasting and compelling content marketing strategies.

Acknowledging past mistakes for a better future

Brands who study past examples, reflect on them, and use them to improve what they already have are already ahead. At Percepto we believe that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. As with all things in life, we learn from the past. Learning is a collaborative experience. By understanding what came before us, we can use these content marketing strategy examples as guides for what to  implement and what to avoid – and tailor the perfect strategy. 

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