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85% trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations

Navigating Reputation as a Financial Thought Leader

Navigating Reputation as a Financial Thought Leader In the ever-evolving landscape of the finance sector, where trust and credibility are paramount, CEOs of finance companies hold a unique position of influence. Beyond steering their organizations toward success, they also play a crucial role in shaping industry perceptions and driving innovation.  Being perceived as a financial

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Crack the Code: B2G Marketing Strategies

Crack the Code: B2G Marketing Strategies Concept is king in the world of B2G. Business to Government marketing is not just about selling products or services to policy makers and civil servants – it’s all about concept. And yet there are certainly transferable factors. Think B2B and B2C. Similar principles apply, but with additional aspects

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The Ups and Downs of 23/24

The Ups and Downs of 23/24 I’ve always been a fan of single drop roller coasters. The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the northwest of England was my favourite as a kid. The slow and exciting creep of anticipation, the stunning view revealing itself, teetering to the tippy top, reaching the ultimate crest

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X logo with Elon Musk

What the X is Elon Musk Doing?

Elon Musk’s Twitter Era reportedly triggered turmoil, and alienated users and advertisers. Will rebranding solve all the platform’s problems? Is this move a PR masterstroke or marketing misstep?

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Could ORM be the Safest Investment Private Equity and Hedge Funds Make

It is a common misconception that financial businesses only need to manage their reputation when something negative has occurred. The complex risk issues associated with private equity and hedge fund models require thorough understanding for effective management. While these models share some similarities in risk management, they diverge on key points. Reputation management should be

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AI Writing Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Controversy

While AI writing tools aren’t new, OpenAI’s recent launch of ChatGPT has brought the issue of AI writing to the forefront. Suddenly, everyone has been talking about AI writing tools and discussing what they mean for the future of writing, academics, cybersecurity, Google and more. In the midst of the current ChatGPT buzz, we decided

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