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You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish

How Social Media and the Shrinking Consumer Attention Span Are Connected

How Social Media and the Shrinking Consumer Attention Span Are Connected — And What That Means for Video Content Marketers If you’re scrolling through your phone — whether you’re on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform — chances are you’re streaming some sort of video content. In fact, according to Dex Torricke-Barton, former

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Airbnb is a Great Example of Excellent PR for High Tech

Last week, Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, caused a stir in the tech industry by declaring that, “It’s like we’re all in a nightclub and the lights just came on”, which could be perceived as a negative piece of PR for high tech giants. His comment comes at a turbulent time for the tech

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Thought Leadership for Online PR in Digital Marketing Strategies

How to Create and Pitch Thought Leadership Pieces That Increase Your Visibility Having your work featured in the media is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, as part of your online PR in digital marketing. If you combine the thousands of pieces of content pushed out every single

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PR tools for startups

PR tools for startups can be very different compared to other brands as they are essentially starting from scratch. This leads to efforts being focused more on short term growth in addition to longer term maintenance of a reputation. Starting with a blank slate can provide unique opportunities for brands to build their reputation from

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Hiring a PR Agency for Tech Startups

The Key to Communication: PR for Tech Companies   Tech is the future. However, when talking about the technology that will shape our tomorrow, it’s easy to get lost in complex tech terms, scientific wording and hard-to-understand concepts. It takes time, dedication and oftentimes academic degrees for professionals to wrap their heads around some of

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Online PR in Digital Marketing

Online PR in digital marketing can be game changing if businesses are able to implement it effectively. With the majority of the world engaging with businesses online, creating good online PR makes it even more important. When considering online PR in digital marketing, start with understanding what it is. Online PR, also known as digital

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How to Think Like a Digital PR Executive

In your busy life and career, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself, and specifically your online reputation. With everything on your plate, your long-term public relation strategy might not be at the forefront of your mind, and that’s why you have professionals in your corner to help remind you of maintaining a

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