A Business Executive Steps into the Light After Years of Working Behind the Scenes


Throughout her career, our client had held several senior positions in the UK banking sector and reached numerous remarkable achievements. However, her impressive reputation had no digital reflection. Now, as she was about to open an international alternative-investment company, she needed a strong, informative, and credible online reputation.



Our client wanted a powerful, professional online image. However, she didn’t like the idea of being in the spotlight, especially not in the online arena, which was unfamiliar territory for her.


Due to her prominent status, she was also worried that our work would be detected and damage her reputation instead of improving it. We had to take her online reputation from 0 to 10 in a short period of time while making sure that it didn’t seem artificial or disingenuous.


By establishing and promoting our client’s online personal brand, we were able to construct an image of her online that accurately and fairly reflected her professional accomplishments that she worked hard to deserve. In addition, she gained control over 70% of the first search-result page, placing her in a position of strength vis-à-vis the world of digital search results.

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