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Crack the Code: B2G Marketing Strategies

Crack the Code: B2G Marketing Strategies Concept is king in the world of B2G. Business to Government marketing is not just about selling products or services to policy makers and civil servants – it’s all about concept. And yet there are certainly transferable factors. Think B2B and B2C. Similar principles apply, but with additional aspects

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Celine Dion

Celebrity Sickness – Private or Public?

Celebrity Sickness – Private or Public? What does it mean to be a celebrity? To many, it means fame, money, and glory. But, of course, we can’t forget about the other side of the coin: the scrutiny. Constantly being in the public eye means you are being evaluated even under the most non-celebrity, humanlike circumstances.

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X logo with Elon Musk

What the X is Elon Musk Doing?

Elon Musk’s Twitter Era reportedly triggered turmoil, and alienated users and advertisers. Will rebranding solve all the platform’s problems? Is this move a PR masterstroke or marketing misstep?

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Does Reputation Matter for a Billionaire?

When you have so much money that continued corporate success doesn’t matter, is reputation something you really need to be concerned with? Perhaps, controversy is the cornerstone of your strategy when you don’t need people to like you. Or is that why they like you?.

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Social Media Bank Run on SVB: all about trust

According to a recent report by the European Banking Authority, banks that prioritize social media presence and marketing campaigns over building trust with their clients are at risk of suffering the same fate. While social media may increase brand recognition, it cannot replace the trust and credibility earned through personalized interactions and reliable service. As

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“The Gen Z Method”

“The Gen Z Method” Liat Blumner Public Relations and Content Account Manager with Percepto Using Tone to Target Younger Audiences on Social Media Gen Z are the future. Love us or loathe us, we’re the ones making waves in the workforce, becoming financially independent and deciding on where our brand loyalty lies. In today’s rapidly

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Could ORM be the Safest Investment Private Equity and Hedge Funds Make

It is a common misconception that financial businesses only need to manage their reputation when something negative has occurred. The complex risk issues associated with private equity and hedge fund models require thorough understanding for effective management. While these models share some similarities in risk management, they diverge on key points. Reputation management should be

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