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The Wolf Prize is an annual award presented to global leading figures in the world of science, mathematics and art, recognizing the world’s finest. Percepto, who had been working with the client for several months, was tasked with creating a social media strategy in the lead up to the annual presentation of the award.


Before working with Percepto, the client had zero social media presence. We created accounts and handles to build social media activity from the ground up.



Create awareness of the award across social media channels


Build momentum of the upcoming announcement 


Draw attention to the live broadcast which took place at the residence of the President of Israel


Increase engagement on all social media channels.

Strategy Implementation

Momentum around the event was created and maintained in the lead up to the event, utilizing all media platforms. Activity was produced tying in interesting fats, figures and information based on the number of days left on that date – e.g. “It’s just 44 days until the announcement of the Wolf Prize – Did you know that 44 years ago, the first Wolf Prize was given in 1978 #44DaysToGo.

As the event itself took place, a post was released in real time for each laureate’s announcement. These were uploaded live across all social media platforms simultaneously and included tags of laureates, institutions, alta maters and information about the reason for their receipt of the prize.

As follow up activity, we created a “Spotlight Series”  campaign across social media platforms, introducing all 11 laureates in more detail with further explanation about their work and how it had led to them receiving the Wolf Prize.


Social media engagement increased significantly from the moment the campaign was initiated. This was prevalent across all platforms. Compared to the previous year’s awards ceremony.


  • 70,000 profile visitors (increase of 690%)
  • 1.12million tweet impressions (increase of 180%)


  • 306% increase of visits
  • 91% Increase in post engagements
  • 295% increase in video views


  • views were up by nearly 3,000%
  • unique users by 1,850%
  • reactions by 2,720%
  • key target areas of education and research users being the highest increased demographic.

1.12 million tweet
impressions (180%)

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295% increase in
video views

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unique users up
by 1,850%

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Number of followers increased during the next month:

  1. Facebook increased by 6%
  2. Twitter increased by 29%
  3. LinkedIn increased by 294%

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