Raising Exposure Through PR


International, eco-friendly electronics brand, EcoFlow, contacted Percepto to implement a two-month, project-based campaign. The target was to raise awareness of the importance of portable, solar powered, sustainable, power stations as an alternative to fuel generations.
In turn, Percepto would raise exposure of EcoFlow’s innovative products to local Israeli audiences and ultimately increase demand and sales by local distributors.



Despite having been distributed across Israel for the previous few months, EcoFlow was never officially launched within the local market. As a result, there was very low awareness of the company’s products.


There was a need to create awareness of the brand within a limited timeframe.

Strategy Implementation

After focusing the companies key messaging based around innovation, sustainability, cost saving and ease-of-use, we created a three-tiered strategy to be used across both B2B and B2C stakeholders. 


Target audiences included tech-lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and businesses which use power generation (e.g., event organizers). Our strategy included reaching out to national media outlets and tech publications.

Educate the market

As a relatively new industry, it was important to first educate the market of the benefits of more environmentally friendly options when it came to mobile power generation. Not only do these products save a lot of money for both businesses and individuals alike, but they can reduce one’s carbon footprint significantly.

educate the market

Raise brand awareness

Through continued media relations we aimed to raise the profile of the company, positioning their products as a solution to the gap in the market and to the issue of sustainable power generation both inside and outdoors. This was done through a mixture of news outreach and review sections. Press releases were tailored according to the publication and the target audience in mind.

raise brand awareness

Position C-Suite as industry experts

We decided to offer the senior management team to media for interviews on the topics. We also created op-eds and thought leadership pieces to position them as the experts in their field


Results in under two months:

8 pieces of coverage including:


Million potential audience
  • Significant increase in awareness of the brand and its products within the Israeli market.
  • Increase in revenue in Israel

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