Reputation Management for Energy Mogul


Central European energy mogul, Client M, partnered with Percepto after negative and inaccurate coverage was released. Media also reported a link to a known person who was reportedly involved in corruption. The spurious claims were later refuted, and retractions were printed but the negative stories remained on Google first pages when searching for Client M’s name. Percepto was tasked with refocusing the client’s narrative, separating these false ties, explaining the truth to the public and improving his online image. Percepto also began creating a more robust presence for English language searches, thus supporting the client’s aim to expand and invest in the UK, the USA and other English-speaking countries.



The client’s search engine results produced nothing for English language searches apart from the negative articles. 


Client M was a well-known figure locally and within his industry but was less well-known outside of his ecosystem.


Unwanted links were published in Tier 1 publications and ranked strongly for the client’s name.


Privacy had always been important to Client M, who had previously shied away from publicity or media in general.


Being a very busy person, direct access to the client was extremely limited and sign off was sometimes difficult.

Strategic Objectives

  • Show that Client M is a person who is invested in the wellbeing of his country.

  • Green energy - position the client as a leading figure in the charge forward towards using alternative, more sustainable energy sources such as geothermal and wind.

  • Highlight philanthropy within local communities.

  • Show the client’s more human and approachable side, thus separating any association with the man with negative image

  • Highlight corporate social responsibility to present a positive image and build brand trust.


Consultation and SEO Optimization.
  • Focused brand narrative targets and messaging through in depth research and consultation.
  • Conducted ongoing reviews of existing assets to provide SEO feedback.
  • Improved alt-texts on images, metatags, and URL structure of controlled assets to optimize ranking.
  • Provided SEO recommendations and guidance for all copy across the entire campaign.
  • Collaborate closely with client’s companies’ internal communications teams to ensure activities are in line with overarching strategies.
Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Optimized existing websites and other controlled assets with specialized content.
  • Built new blogs and websites for both the client and the client’s companies to create additional controlled assets with correct narrative.
  • Created multiple professional profiles on strong platforms which rank well on Google algorithms.
  • Utilized partner assets to feature the client and improve their ranking.
Highlighting Philanthropy.
  • Created team pages with biographies for foundations including Client M’s profile to promote on English-speaking Google
  • Created English blog for foundations to discuss events and recent activity, linking them externally to each other and creating a network.
  • Produced and promoted Eventbrite pages for upcoming events.
Traditional and Social Media Opportunities.
  • Found news opportunities for creating press releases to pitch to appropriate media.

  • Wrote expert op-eds and thought leadership pieces for client to publish on target industry publications.

  • Found interview opportunities to position Client M as a leader and expert within his industry.

  • Promoted articles to help them rank better on Google to support the required narrative and engage with target stakeholders

  • Created and optimized social media accounts including X, LinkedIn and YouTube


Google results were 100% clear of all negative articles on first page within eight months and maintained for the year to follow.

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Controlled assets
15 %

Controlled assets constituted 45% of all links on the first two pages of Google.

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