Online Reputation for Swiss Investment Firm


Percepto partnered with a Switzerland-based investment firm, Client T, to help create an online presence and raise their digital profile across English-speaking spaces, with complementary work done in French. With limited to no comms activities done previous to our work, Percepto was tasked to focus the messaging of both the company’s brand, as well as the CEO’s. Activity would create an appropriate narrative with an aim to build trust for potential new clients, while maintaining the good reputation which Client T enjoyed with their current clientele.



No fully realized communications strategy or time spent on considering their brand image


 A lack of existing platforms to build upon – no active social media, profiles on corporate websites, etc.


Almost zero engagement or outreach achieved from any former activity.


No clear narrative to any content written about them.


Negative results appearing in Google first pages


Another person with the same name as the CEO had some strong links on Google first pages.


We created a full-service digital communications strategy to build a solid foundation for both the company itself and the CEO of the firm, using a number of marketing techniques from the worlds of PR and media relations, reputation management, content marketing, and SEO.

Our Goal:
  • Position the company as a leader in their field which engineers high quality financial solutions.
  • Form and maintain a positive narrative around the incredible work the company does within their industry, (e.g. awards, high returning investment products).
  • Promoting new products, funds, ETFs and investment strategies.
  • Gain important digital real estate with controlled assets on the first pages of search engine results while suppressing unwanted links
  • Create a good foundation of digital real estate on Google first pages on both google.co.uk and google.com – with auxiliary work done in French for google.ch google.fr and google.ca.
  • Highlight corporate social responsibility to present a positive image and build brand trust.


Planning and Strategic SEO Consultation and Optimization

  • Focused messaging and brand narrative targets through in depth research and consultation.
  • Improved alt-texts on images, metatags, and URL structure of controlled assets to optimize ranking.
  • Ensured SEO-rich content within all texts across the entire campaign.
  • Promoted news and activity to engage with target audiences.

Content Marketing Takes Control

  • Built blogs and websites for both the company and the CEO to create additional controlled assets with correct narrative.
  • Found appropriate opportunities for the CEO and the company to be featured across platforms which ranked well on Google’s algorithm.
  • Consulted on integrated content strategy to synchronically release information across multiple platforms including newsletters, media outreach, social and more.

PR and Media Activity for Positive Exposure

  • Found news opportunities for creating press releases to pitch to appropriate media.
  • Wrote expert op-eds and thought leadership pieces for CEO to publish on target online publications.



  • 72.5% of results on Google’s first pages were controlled assets (112% increase)
  • 33,000 hits for PR activity
  • Potential audience of 248 million 


Big picture

  • Client T reports a notable increase in inquiries with many potential clients mentioning articles/content which they had read on various digital spaces.


  • The CEO and the company have a succinct and positive narrative created across Google’s first pages.

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