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A leading company fought a takeover attempt initiated by a minority shareholder with strong connections in the local and international media.



The minority shareholder used his media contacts to create and promote negative articles about the majority shareholder, thus distracting from the company’s work and causing it damage. As these articles were published on central media outlets, they ranked well on Google and were difficult to combat.


For years, the company had maintained a low profile, especially online. It had no social media accounts or HR-related profiles, such as Glassdoor. It hardly had any positive articles published about it, and it had only one outdated website under its control. As a result, it had very little digital means with which to fight back against the shareholder’s attack.


The company’s industry was a reputation minefield.

Strategy Implementation

We highlighted key positive aspects of the company, which had never before formally been revealed:
  • Good employee benefits, perks, and company culture
  • The utility of the company’s product
  • Innovative product portfolio that creates a better future for people
  • The personas of the management and majority shareholder
We optimized the company’s website through:

  • UX, design, and SEO improvements.
  • major content updates.
  • the addition of professional bios for senior management.
  • the addition of a blog section featuring frequent posts about the company’s achievements and philanthropic activities

We created new online assets, such as:

  • an engaging niche site for the company that would focus on company news, human resources, and career opportunities.
  • social and professional profiles for the company and majority shareholder.
  • a personal website for the majority shareholder in order to increase transparency about the company overall.

We built a website that was “powered by” the company and dedicated to the greater industry by providing relevant news, environmental developments, and information about initiatives by industry leaders.

Result Analysis over a 14 Month Period

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Control Panel


Before & during takeover attempt


After 8 months

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