Full-Service, Long-Term Online Reputation Campaign


Percepto partnered with a high-profile investment banking and brokerage firm, who focus on the health tech space, to provide a full-service, online reputation management strategy. The company had received negative attention in local, national and international press due to a historic Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fine which was still reflected in their Google results eight years after its publication. The reputation of the company was under threat with comments, inquiries and negative feedback often brought into conversation.



Large number of historical negative links on Google first pages.


No clear narrative to any content written about them.


Almost zero engagement or outreach achieved from any former activity.


Continuing ongoing coverage published which posed significant reputational risks.

Strategy Implementation

We created a full-service strategy to build a solid ORM plan, using activity including content marketing, PR and media relations, social media, SEO practices and more.

Our goals

Restore trusts and credibility among existing and potential clients, investors, and across the industry as a whole.

Form and maintain a positive narrative around the incredible work the company does within their industry.

Position the company as a leader in their field.

Gain important digital real estate with controlled assets on the first pages of search engine results.

Highlight corporate social responsibility initiatives and actions to present a positive image and build brand trust.

Help to transition a subsidiary of the company to its new brand name and begin to create a separate brand identity.

SEO Consultation and Optimization Improves Ranking

  • Reviewed and optimized existing websites for the client, its partners and portfolio companies.

  • Used techniques to improve everything on controlled web assets, from alt-texts on images and metatags to advising on URL structure and link building to leverage ranking.

  • Ensured SEO-rich content within all texts across the entire campaign.

Content Marketing Takes Control

  • Created opportunities for the company to be featured across platforms which ranked well on Google’s algorithm.
  • Built and promoted websites and blogs with content, which was high quality, SEO-rich and insightful.

PR and Media Activity for Positive Exposure

  • Found news opportunities to create press releases to pitch to appropriate media.
  • Wrote expert op-eds and thought leadership pieces for senior management team to publish on target online publications.
  • Outreach also done for portfolio clients and optimization consultation for press releases.

Social Media Activity Gains Engagement

social media
  • Built a social media strategy to build followers and present appropriate narrative
  • Promoted news and activity to engage with target audiences.
  • Created and maintained accounts and profiles on platforms which had a strong ranking on Google.



40% negative on first two pages
15% negative after 6 months
0% negative after a year
Start 0%

Improving of Google Pages
Gradual improvement

  • Start: 40% negative on first two pages
  • Down to 15% negative after six months
  • 100% clean after a year on 5 of 6 target search terms



PR that will support the ORM:

  • 30 thought leadership pieces created gaining coverage across 17 target publications.
  • Press releases created with coverage appearing on 363 publications with a total potential viewership of over 191 million


Big picture:
The client reports to receive 55% fewer stakeholder comments on inquiries regarding the incidents. This number continues to fall.

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