From Online Reputation To Online Branding


Client A is a very accomplished business executive with many achievements to her name. However, her online image was clouded by irrelevant results pertaining to her personal and family life.



The executive’s company had almost no online footprint, and most of its activities could not be discussed or leveraged.


Negative articles appeared in publications that ranked very well online, including Tier 1 national media outlets.

Strategy Implementation

We formulated a new narrative for the client by promoting the key message that the client is a successful business executive, inspiring speaker and generous philanthropist who is proud of her heritage and is committed to improving access to higher education.

How did we do this?

  • We optimized existing coverage of the client’s success to establish an online shield for her through the creation of links between positive digital assets that would present a tight, clear picture of her activities, values and achievements.
  • We leveraged all positive coverage of philanthropic activity by the client in order to strengthen her online image. To this end, we assumed responsibility for the management of the client’s foundation website and made tactful use the client’s activities to promote positive coverage via strong online platforms, such as the website of an ivy-league university.
  • We built diverse digital assets, such as websites, professional profiles, social media accounts, including a strong YouTube channel, guest posts and a blog. The websites focused on the client’s career, displaying her professional agenda along with significant news and updates. The industry blog also provided news and updates about the client’s industry as well as career tips. The client’s social media profiles were leveraged to support her online assets and to keep the public updated about relevant activities.
  • We collaborated with the client so that her professional networks and media contacts could be used to maximize the impact of new publications and online mentions.

Online Reputation Optimization in 12 Months

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In just over a year, the client’s first page of Google was completely cleared of irrelevant and undesired results about her personal life. Her career, achievements, values and contributions now take central stage. The client has remained with us for over six years, and we continue to develop her online narrative to best reflect her ongoing professional development and achievements.

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