Digital PR and stakeholders engagement
for travel-tech startup


Refundit is a travel-tech startup aims to make the process of tax-free shopping easier and more efficient for tourists.


In this initiative, our primary aim was to empower Refundit in optimizing its digital footprint, primarily through the strategic dissemination of articles within the Greek and Spanish markets. This endeavor was complemented by meticulously orchestrated campaigns designed to amplify the reach and impact of these articles. A paramount objective of our efforts was to raise awareness among discerning decision-makers within these regions and consult on how to engage government stakeholders.



The company have been struggling to get official approvals
to start operating in leading European countries


The company required exposure to governmental stakeholders to improve lobbying efforts, which were hoped to yield more significant results

Target Audiences

Decision makers and stakeholders within Greek and Spanish tax authority and finance ministries


To achieve our goals, we used a versatile approach in our B2G marketing strategies. We combined our in-house PR efforts with local PR partners. On a broader level, we planned the types of articles we wanted to create. These included articles about the company and its products, interviews with important company people, news-related content, and promoting our strategic goals. 

  • Open a thematic website, powered by Refundit –
    promote key messages – www.taxfreeworld.org
  • Targeted paid campaigns to increase reach and
    amplify key messages
  • LinkedIn – manage both company’s and CEO’s


Our campaign was strategically tailored through effective B2G marketing to connect with highly specific target audiences in Greece and Spain, primarily focusing on key decision-makers within relevant organizations and government bodies.
By publishing articles on leading publications, and making sure they reached the right eyes at the right time, we helped the company’s efforts to regain interest in its product and reignite discussions of granting it a permit.


pieces of coverage
  • 82 pieces of coverage,
    majority on 1st tier publications.
  • Created massive exposure to narrative
    and key messages to relevant
    audiences and stakeholders.


pieces of coverage
  • 40 pieces of coverage ( within 3
    months), majority on 1st tier publications.
  • Created massive exposure to narrative
    and key messages to relevant
    audiences and stakeholders



39,000 exposures • 400+ highly-targeted clicks

Native advertising (Taboola)

0 +

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