ChatGPT: Changing the Path of AI Information


Following the appearance of negative coverage, Client Q, a well known Technology leader, partnered with Percepto to reposition their narrative. Not only did these links appear on Google search pages and Google news pages, but when searching for information about the client on AI tools such as ChatGPT, this biased and unwanted information was included. This posed an issue for the client when current and potential business partners, financial institutions and banks performed due diligence using both Google and ChatGPT as tools in their research.

Percepto was tasked at rebuilding the client’s narrative and gaining better control over Google’s  first page and ChatGPT’s output for relevant queries. After conducting in depth research into ChatGPT and other AI content platforms, Percepto hypothesized that the information appearing on ChatGPT utilizes more popular, higher ranking sources, and also official personal/company websites. 

Building and optimizing owned assets on behalf of the client, and promoting his narrative and messaging to gain higher position on Google was implemented to increase the chances that ChatGPT would use more favorable pages as sources for information..

Meanwhile, Percepto would also work promoting strategic messaging and positioning Client Q as an expert in their field.



Zero former communications work had been done and therefore the only information picked by ChatGPT was from neutral or negative links.


No work had been done on overall messaging from the client.

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Strategy Implementation


The following questions were used on ChatGPT and other AI content software as a baseline for this activity, to be compared to at the end of the work, in order to measure success:





A full-service ORM strategy was put into place including social media management, content marketing, PR and media relations, and SEO practices.


  • 01

    Consult on focusing messaging for Client Q

  • 02

    Client Q is an expert in the technology industry.

  • 03

    Create varied controlled assets with correct messaging to gain important digital real estate.

  • 04

    Promote positive stories and coverage to ensure they ranked well for client’s name


Taking Control with Content Marketing

  • Created content to be featured across well ranking platforms.
  • Built websites and blogs with insightful, SEO-rich content reflecting key messaging and accurate portrayal of the wide range of Client Q’s work in the real world.

Media Relations Achieving Quality Coverage

  • Thought leadership pieces written for client, published on relevant publications which rank well on Google and other search engines.
  • Interview opportunities created to position Client Q as an industry leader and placed on high ranking publications to build a positive narrative on Google first pages.
  • Press releases pitched into appropriate media that would rank highly on search and news.

Social Media Activity Leveraged

  • Opened social media accounts across relevant platforms, LinkedIn and X
  • Began sustainable and appropriate social media activity
  • Wrote comprehensive social media strategy in-line with objectives and messaging at a frequency necessary to rank well.



All aforementioned questions achieved positive responses in ChatGPT testing after 8 months of activity


Sources quoted in ChatGPT were all controlled assets owned by Client Q, created by Percepto during activity.


Negative results were reduced dramatically over Google first page from 60% to just 10%.

Negative results were reduced dramatically over Google first page from 60% to just 10%.


Messaging improved overall on first two pages of Google and other search engines with the majority being neutral or positive after 8 months of activity.

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