Planning and Executing Effective Online Communications Strategy Since 2007

Planning and Executing Effective Online Communications Strategy Since 2007​

Who We Are

We are a group of innovative thinkers, digital strategists and storytellers. We have the skills, experience and know-how to help companies, C-suites and business leaders maximize their online presence, promote their key messages and deal with reputational challenges. We are committed to achieving the best results for our clients by devising sharp strategy and effective implementation, to ensure their messaging is accurately delivered to the right target audiences and stakeholders at the right time.

Global Thinking

Percepto’s international mindset means we think beyond borders, span across cultural divides and break through language barriers to make an impact on your target market.
Experts in online reputation management, social media engagement, content strategy, and digital PR, we solve communications challenges and promote your narrative across all digital platforms.


Ran Blayer

Partner & CEO

Ran is an online communications architect, go-to digital strategist, and problem solver for a diverse global client list of companies, brands, and high-profile executives. He has 15 years of experience in online reputation management and digital marketing.

Ran has been leading Percepto since 2012. As CEO, he oversees the activity in all departments, leads business development, and plays a vital part in strategy development for Percepto and its clients. During his tenure, Percepto has broadened the scope of its activity and refined its services, developed lucrative partnerships with PR & communications agencies in multiple countries, and successfully served a wide variety of clients around the world.

Before joining Percepto, Ran served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Seperia, which specializes in performance driven digital marketing solutions. He has a BA in Political Science and Communications from Haifa University and an MA in Conflict Management and Resolution from Tel Aviv University.

Nir is a seasoned hands-on operations executive with significant experience as a company team leader. He has been helping Percepto’s clients to develop and strengthen their online reputation for over a decade, during which he has seen many of them through complex and challenging online circumstances. His versatile knowledge of technology, content development, and crisis management has contributed substantially to the unique nature of Percepto’s reputation services.

Nir’s multilingual and multicultural background enables him to connect with Percepto’s global clientele, and to achieve professional results that suit their specific needs. As COO Nir’s goal is to make sure that Percepto consistently exceeds client expectations. He oversees all client company teams, including the web design studio, the content department, and client managers, and makes sure they deliver on the highest possible level. 

Before joining Percepto Nir was a project manager at a leading management consulting firm. After serving In Unit 8200 of the IDF (intelligence core), he studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Ben Gurion University and graduated with honors.

Nir Shafrir

Nir Shafrir

Partner & COO
Yuval Levi

Yuval Levi

CPA, Partner & CFO

Yuval is a sharp financial authority. As CFO, he handles all financial and legal aspects of Percepto’s work with extreme precision and efficiency. He plays a significant part in developing the company’s business strategy.

Before joining Percepto, Yuval worked at Ernst & Young as Senior Information Technology Auditor, and in 2014-2015, while already at Percepto, he served as Director of Finance at Maudau, one of the largest cross-promotion networks for social and mobile gaming at the time.

After completing his military as a Military Intelligence Analyst, he went on to achieve a BA in Accounting and Economics at Tel Aviv University.

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